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Top 5 HR Applications in SharePoint

Top 5 HR Applications in SharePoint

Traditionally, the HR process is paperwork-heavy by nature, and after many, many challenges and observations, Microsoft has finally migrated their HR services to the cloud.
Having a cloud-based HR service both centralizes and automates a lot of tasks that will make your life easier. Not only does it cut on physical paperwork, you also have access to automated approvals, organized common questions and files, a single-source shop for everything, etc. These measures were made to facilitate the search for high-quality applicants, to improve employee retention, morale, and satisfaction, as well as managing performances. Not just that, but because it’s SharePoint, you can use PowerApps and Flow along with it to seamlessly deliver all the required information to desktops, tablets, and phones.
So let’s take a look at the Top 5 HR Applications waiting for you in SharePoint!

1. Performance Reviews

The SharePoint HR Portal now offers the following to make Performance Reviews a breeze:
• Reports for overall performance, task fulfillment, and training results
• Feedback on an employee’s performance from their managers
• Tests to assess employee knowledge and skills after training
• Surveys for employee satisfaction
• Competency Analysis through self-assessment questionnaires
• Employee Certification and reminders for any necessary renewals

2. Onboarding

Onboarding is what you call when you want to integrate a new hire into your team, and it’s a process that starts before a new employee joins your company, and continues into their first few months.

By using both SharePoint HR coupled with Microsoft Flow, your Onboarding processes are now more streamlined. You can:
• Create an application database to make it easier to find resumes that match the requirements for certain positions.
• Task Completion Tracking
• Onboarding progress monitoring
• Automated e-mails can be generated with interview invitations, welcome and farewell notes, notifications and reminders, and so on.
• Workflows for approving candidates
• Creation of knowledge bases with all the information you need for new hires (such as the employee handbook, job responsibilities, benefits, and so on.)

3. Paid Time Off and Other Employee Requests

The SharePoint HR Portal also offers ticketing capabilities. With them, your HR employees can handle requests related to:
• Vacation approval
• Travel arrangements (for when your employees go on business trips)
• Holiday bonuses
• Insurance
• Employee status changes
• Documentation

4. Employee Training and Engagement

Another nifty addition to the HR Portal in SharePoint, training and gauging employee engagement is now easier than ever with:
• Employee Communities that can bring together employees with similar interests (like sports, video games, music, etc)
• Media galleries where you can upload videos and pictures of corporate events
• Listings with employee benefits (such as discounts your corporation has negotiated with external companies)
• A News and Announcements section to integrate with social media
• A Classifieds section, in the case you want your employees to be able to sell or exchange items (like their old cellphone, for instance, or their collection of rare vinyls)
• Gamification features, which can be customized. Through them, you can give employees points, gifts, achievements, announce challenges and contests to encourage friendly competition among your workforce

5. Security and Compliance

Compliance is one of the main focuses of your HR team, as they need to know if your organization is compliant with all employee-related laws, as well as being compliant with the internal policies of your organization. With SharePoint HR, you now have access to a bevy of options for compliance tracking:
• Policies and procedures now have centralized storage and are associated with certain regulations (GDPR, SOX, etc.)
• Dashboards that show policy and certifications status
• Notification scheduling for reviewing and keeping policies up-to-date, as well as reminders for when certifications are close to expiring
• Compliance acknowledgement, so your employees can confirm they have received training or read a policy, and are thus obliged to abide by its regulations
• Compliance training can now also be done via SharePoint, including policy tests and quizzes

And that’s not all! The SharePoint HR portal offers a lot of alternatives to your current process, and if you’re already using the Office 365 family, then moving your HR process to SharePoint is the way to go. This is especially true if you’re using SharePoint along with Office 365.

If you want to know what else is available, here are some more HR Templates available for Flow, as well as a look at SharePoint HR in conjunction with PowerApps.


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