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    The Problem

    Business automation and electronic forms are amazing once they are added to just about any company. Taking ideas and executing them to make your business not only better, but have a competitive edge feels amazing.

    But how do you get there? You probably have ideas about how things could be done better, but there are a lot of ways from getting from Point A to Point B.

    And maybe you think you are going from Point A to Point B and really there are a few things other people have thought of that would not only get you to Point B, but Points C, D and E without much effort.

    Our Plan

    First impressions are important.

    Our SharePoint team lives by 5 main rules when creating a new form or application. Each and everyone one should be:

    1. Visually appealing Easy to use
    2. Easy to use
    3. Tailored to the person viewing
    4. Easy to get training on
    5. Easy to understand the purpose
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    Only Information You Need

    Some 3rd party forms or applications give you way more than you bargained for. Sure, you immediately get some functionality, but now you need to figure out how to fit a square peg into a circle hole.

    Our electronic forms and applications only show the information you need. We always use design methods that follow your business processes. This means the person using the form only sees what the relevant to them at that point in time.

    From an automation perspective, any notification should only have what’s needed and guide the user not only to the general area where they need to take action, but explicitly to what needs to be done.

    Valuable Insights

    From simply counting the number of requests through complex drill downs of regions, teams and products – we got you covered.

    We all have so much data and we know it can be leveraged to make our lives easier.  Our SharePoint analysts and designers will listen to what you have to say and offer ideas based on their vast industry experiences.

    Data can be presented in numerous ways as well.  Power BI, Excel and SharePoint can all be used for data visualization.  PDFs and even data exports are all possible within our applications.

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    Business Automation Results

    Typical results of a successful SharePoint Design project include:

    • 98% Migrations within Budget

    • 93% Migrations within Timeline

    • Increased Work Productivity

    • Engaging End User Training Program

    • 96% Employee Satisfaction with UX

    • Increased Ability to Find Information

    • Reduced Technical Burden

    • Ongoing Support you can Trust