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Microsoft SharePoint Consulting Services

After all, Microsoft SharePoint consulting services help companies implement SharePoint migrations, SharePoint design services and SharePoint workflows. Most companies don’t have the time or money to create these platforms on their own. Luckily, there’s no need to hire inside developers when SharePoint consultants can offer these services at a competitive rate.

ESW helps integrate SharePoint services into the company intranet and aids in end user adoption as well. These services were designed to help take some of the workflow stress away from employees and automate ineffective systems. ESW can help to streamline this process and ease workflow-related stress.

SharePoint Consultants

eSoftware Associates offers SharePoint consulting services and are considered one of the most sought-after SharePoint consulting service companies with Fortune 500 companies. Some of the services we offer include: SharePoint design, SharePoint migrations, SharePoint workflows, Excel Solutions and financial modeling services.

ESW provides these services in conjunction with one another or a la carte. Companies can maintain complete control over their packages by only choosing the services that they need.

SharePoint Design

Companies can experience the benefits of full customization with SharePoint design. Because we have decades of IT experience, we can create a platform that works for any company. As a result, there are several benefits of full customization in our portals. Our intranet platforms allow for full collaboration, increased productivity and increased flexibility of customized add-ons. These add-ons can give each team the ability to create their own portal customizations — encouraging productivity and ease of use.

SharePoint Consulting

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SharePoint Migrations

While there’s no need to struggle to upgrade data solutions with the end of SharePoint 2007 and 2010. Instead, SharePoint consultants can help migrate data to the Cloud. Data migrations offer complete control over the data migration process. We can include custom features in each migration, as well as solution optimization and integration.

Compare that to the metadata issues most companies will deal with otherwise, and they’ll end up saving both time and money. No matter what route a company chooses, they’ll end up spending money on labor and professional skills. Yet with our migration strategy, companies can feel secure their migration will be completed in a timely manner.

SharePoint Workflows

The workflow process is shaky at best. Most companies waste time and company resources on creating manual workflow processes. There comes a time when emails just don’t cut it when it comes to communication within a company or team. This is why ESW has created a workflow process to help teams communicate with each other more effectively.

Team leads can now create workflows and tasks, as well as manage communications through one streamlined process. Imagine a world where the workflow wasn’t broken up into unintelligible segments. SharePoint workflows help make this process a reality.

SharePoint Consulting

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Benefits of SharePoint & Office 365 Solutions

Furthermore, it’s practically impossible to run a business without working with Excel & Office applications these days. Office 365 is one of the most widely accepted office solutions in a large range of industries. Yet companies that work with it aren’t always taking advantage of all of the customizations offered by this software. This is where ESW comes in.

ESW helps companies take full advantage of the services offered by Office 365. We take the time to discover our clients’ needs to create legacy customizations that can help each business live up to its full potential.

Custom O365 & SharePoint Solutions

Seems like most companies are still using O365 for countless operations these days. This is because O365 provides everything from workflow automation to file storage all available in the cloud. In contrast, most other platforms aren’t as widely accepted and staff are not trained on them. This is why companies need an expert with the SharePoint and O365 automation.

Above all, our experts include Ivy League graduates, MBAs from the top business schools and software engineers with years of experience. Our experts can jump in and help companies that may need a little extra experience under their belts. No one can know everything all the time. We allow companies to do what they do best by doing our best to assist with the tasks that slow down workflow.

Who We Work With

We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the healthcare, banking and retail industries. Some of our past clients have included NASA, Conde Nast, Revlon, American Express, Xerox, Heineken and Red Bull but all Small Business as well. We have experience helping companies large and small create more streamlined work processes and open channels of communication.

Therefore, we have more than decades of experience in information technology. Our business is all about creating long-lasting relationships to help our customers grow their businesses.

We offer a bug-free guarantee on all of our services. This means that we back up our services for 30 days on all deliverables.

Our Service Locations

We offer services in New York City (NYC), Boston and Houston. We also offer remote services for companies located in other areas of the U.S. No matter where the location, our SharePoint consulting services can help create a smooth workflow to help employees work together more effectively.

We have offices in New York, New Jersey and Virginia, so no matter where you are on the East Coast, we can be there to help. Companies should contact us for more information on how we can help any team maximize time, accountability and functionality.

Contact Us or call us at 1-800-682-0882 and our Microsoft SharePoint Consultants will be happy to assist in your Microsoft needs.