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Office 365 Roadmap

Anecdotal evidence would seem to suggest that an overwhelming majority of projects at SMBs tend to fail. You certainly want to ensure that your company is going to have more success than the competitors in your field. That’s why it’s so important to have an Office 365 roadmap, which will help you find the best way forward when it comes to organizing your projects.

Office 365 is heavily geared toward collaboration, and this is a vital topic to address whenever planning any team activity. You want to make sure that everyone’s on the same page when you’re getting ready to tackle real business problems. Having a roadmap from the beginning can help ensure that you’ll be able to have your whole team working together from the start all the way until after the project is complete.

Our consultants have been working with companies just like yours since 2006, and we offer US-based personnel who have an intimate knowledge of Microsoft’s popular products so you’ll be able to implement the solutions you need regardless of the use case you’re up against.

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    The Insurance you Wish you Bought Last Time

    The purpose of our Project Success Roadmap is to ensure the details of your engagement are fully vetted. Successful IT projects are derived from completely understanding all of your options, including solution scalability and future implications. We will explore new ideas, discuss complexities and deliver a concise document that will set your solution up for complete success. You will work with our team to fully vet and understand various angles that will lead to one or a few recommended paths with risks and structure identified in a concise manner.

    A Comprehensive & Collaborative Approach

    At ESW, we apply a comprehensive approach to all of our projects that is designed to ensure our clients’ needs are completely and efficiently met. Our end-to-end solutions model means that we will work with you every step of the way to make sure your company gets exactly what it needs from the experience.

    What's Included in the Roadmap?

    We begin by systematically analyzing your company’s needs in order to gain a complete understanding of how to best meet them. Next, we work with you to create a project plan and design a preliminary mockups & architecture.

    • Review your current state
    • Gather your short and long term needs
    • Provide real-time demos or mockups, when possible
    • Provide tighter budget estimation
    • Define more concise timelines
    • Create Well defined functionality
    • Review all business fields
    • Discuss all technology options available to you
    • Identify all business views
    • Review complex logic
    • And much more…

    Some firms have only one or two options in front of them, which might make it seem like the decision-making process is relatively easy. That being said, developing a solid roadmap is invaluable even in these situations. You’ll be able to avoid common mistakes while ensuring that your projects will be a future success.

    Naturally, there are firms that have a much more complicated road ahead of them. These maps will take the sting out of planning and give you the freedom to rest easy without worry about what tools you’ll need to deploy and how you need to deploy them. In turn, you’ll have more time to think about what really matters – delivering a useful product or service to your clientele.

    What do I Take Away from this?

    Clear and actionable recommendations from industry-leading experts that provide transparency for stakeholders in your organization. It’s not just a document, it’s a manageable & safe approach to custom software projects to ensure maximum success.

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    What Our Clients Say


    “I could not be happier. My users are happy with a tool that allows them to spend their time using the content rather than trying pull all of the pieces together. I will never look any further than ESW when I need a complex spreadsheet application simplified and improved.”


    “I want to commend both of you for a job well done. The quoting application is sensational and all of the newly requested features have been implemented to perfection. It is a pleasure dealing with individuals that can grasp the essence of the requirements and execute it with a good understanding of the user perspective. ”


    “Exceptional customer service is what every successful company lives by but very few can deliver. ESW went above and beyond to make sure our needs were taken care of every step of the way. Thanks again for taking such good care of us. You have delivered an exceptional product.”