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At ESW, we constantly stay updated on the newest Microsoft technologies. A fantastic new product MS just rolled out is Microsoft Loop. Loop components could boost your business with intelligent suggestions, timely task lists, and more. But how do you use such a program within a single workspace?

We can assist in professional Microsoft consulting and training. Our firm offers to help you leverage this powerful collaborative workspace tool to streamline work processes and increase productivity. You can go beyond the Loop Preview and find out what you can do with external sharing.

What Is Microsoft Loop?

Microsoft Loop is a collaborative workspace application that connects with Microsoft Teams, enabling remote teams to collaborate without interruption. It provides dynamic document sharing, note-taking, and task management capabilities, allowing groups to interact in real-time, provide feedback, and remain connected.

What Are Microsoft Loop Components?

Loop components refer to tasks shared within a shared digital workspace on the application. It is the first feature from the new program that one can use in Teams, including in Microsoft chats. OneDrive and store each Loop component.

What Microsoft Loop App Services Do We Offer?

At our expert Microsoft consulting and training organization, we specialize in offering various Microsoft Loop services to help you maximize this practical technology. We list our options below.

Loop integration with Microsoft Teams

Our team of specialists can assist you with integrating Loop into your existing Teams environment. We guarantee your team members can view and collaborate on Loop documents inside Teams without technological issues.

In addition, our team of specialists can assist you with creating bespoke templates, designing unique processes, and configuring permissions so that Loop functions flawlessly for your team. Each unit has specific needs, and we’re able to accommodate those needs. Consequently, we provide customized Loop solutions based on your particular requirements.

Microsoft Loop Training

To assist your team in maximizing Loop, we provide extensive training options. Our training classes cover all areas of Loop, such as document production, collaboration, and sharing. We will also demonstrate how to improve your process with advanced features such as tagging and mentions.

Our support team is available during business hours to help you get the most out of Loop. We will assist you with troubleshooting any difficulties you may experience, offer information on best practices, and keep your Loop workspace current.

Loop Workspaces & Third Party Applications

In addition to our Microsoft Loop services, we now provide Loop connectors with third-party applications to further enhance your collaborative experience. Why consider connecting a Microsoft Loop app to existing ones? Because we offer the following integration services:

Asana Integration with Loop

Asana optimizes managing tasks when multiple people create lists and work simultaneously. Our team of specialists can assist you with integrating Asana with Loop to increase your task management capabilities. We can help you with configuring custom processes and ensuring that your team has access to and can collaborate on Asana projects inside Loop.

Loop Connection with Trello

Our specialists can assist you with integrating Trello with Loop for enhanced project management capabilities. We can help you configure custom processes and ensure that your team can access and interact on Trello boards inside Loop.

Your Expert Microsoft Loop Consultants

At our Microsoft consulting and training business, we recognize that every organization has specific requirements. Thus, we offer solutions that are suited to your individual needs. Our team of specialists works with you to comprehend your objectives and build a strategy to assist you in reaching them.

Microsoft Loop is a robust tool for remote teams seeking to improve communication and increase productivity. Our Microsoft consulting and training organization specializes in offering various Loop services to help you maximize this tool’s potential. Please contact our Microsoft Loop experts immediately to see how we can assist you with Microsoft Loop and its integrations.

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