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The results our Microsoft Power BI team produces for organizations simply put is incredible. Microsoft has done an excellent l job of building out this powerful piece of software in the recent years allowing it to stand up to other robust BI software and hold its ground. Not only is it robust with powerful visualizations and integration with the desktop and online versions, but it’s part of the Microsoft family so it speaks the same language as other MS products like SharePoint. Do you have multiple inputs and data warehouses? No problem, power BI was built to easily coordinate sources of data and tie them together to create eloquent and polished management reports, dashboards and decision making tools that simply work.

Interactive Power BI Sample:

Discover Exactly what you Need

Our teams will hold multiple meetings in order to understand your needs and provide the appropriate building blocks for your Business Intelligence process:

  • What information is relevant for input?
  • Where and how should data be displayed to create a story?
  • What permissions sets apply to viewing and accessing the data?
  • When do workflows run in order to provide updates at the appropriate times?
  • …and many more

Implement and Deploy Power BI

We can build the Power BI foundation in our environment and fully test before deploying to your live environment. You will have the ability to see what our current status is via live screen-share and weekly project meetings. There will be no interruptions to your live environments.

Plan for the Future

Our team will do our best to leave room for growth and instructions for further implementations down the road as needed. Sometimes, we are able to provide a structure that administrators are able to update on their own so no additional expense is necessary.

Training staff

Our staff will train your staff whether it be one administrator or many end users. We want to allow your organization to fully embrace the functionality of Power BI and the impactful results it provides.

Provide Support & Maintenance

We are always available to answer calls or emails regarding solutions we have previously implemented.

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