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Company Overview

Guaranteed Returns is a pharmaceutical services company which focuses on returning prescriptions to pharmacies. Founded in 1986, they focus working with pharmacists on returning expired, damaged and obsolete drugs to manufacturers. They had a need to migrate from SharePoint 2007 on premise to SharePoint 2013.

Their Needs

Reduce Complexity:

This was a very large undertaking that included:

  • 80+ custom solutions
  • 100+ sites
  • 500+GB of content
  • 500+ users over 10 years of use
  • 30+ business applications


Organize and Clean

The 500+ GB of content was scattered across 100+ sites which made it quite difficult to find what was the source of information, or find any information at all.

Design Refresh

For those who have seen SharePoint 2007, it is not pretty… at all. Guaranteed Returns was in need of a design refresh to bring them up to current intranet standards.

What We Did: SharePoint 2007 migration to SharePoint 2013

We took a very through approach to tackling all the solutions, sites, content and applications. Working with various stake holders to inventory what was needed and then having a clear path on what to do with the obsolete aspects was paramount. Additionally, the design refresh included a new header and footer, modern fonts, icons and page layouts. The entire information architecture was redone as well resulting in a more intuitive navigation and search methods for the users. Finally, administration went from burdensome to intuitive by reducing as many custom solutions into updated design packages, where possible. The end result was an extremely streamlined SharePoint environment where the business fully understood what they had, how it was used and where it belonged. The company fully embraced the new platform and will be ready for the next 10 years of business!

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