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Retail Excel and SharePoint Franchise Management App

Technologies Used


Why We like This Retail SharePoint and Excel Example

SharePoint is quite capable of managing data online for retail franchises.  From the start of an investor being interested in launching a location through the grand launch, there are a lot of details that need to be accounted for along the way.  SharePoint can manage each of these stages including contracts, insurance, construction, training and so on.  All of this data is crucial for each location.

What makes this example exciting is how you can take SharePoint data at the micro level and synchronize it to an Excel application.  This allows for deep, robust analysis that is highly tailored to each franchise company and branch.  The native data slicers of Excel are perfect for the large volumes of data needed at the corporate level.  Excel analytics allows the company to make educated, informed decisions on how to optimize franchise launches.


Benefits of Using SharePoint and Excel to Manage Franchise Launches

The main benefits of using SharePoint and Excel for this type of app are:

  • Instant data refreshes for data visualizations.  Once data is saved, it can be refreshed immediately in Excel.
  • SharePoint security to see only what is specific to each team.
  • Powerful data analytics in an intuitive Excel interface.
  • Online data entry from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • There are no extra licensing costs if you already have Office 365 and Excel.
  • The ability to add and refine fields over time.

In addition to the amazing Excel data visualization, you get the added benefit of being able to automate many franchise processes using Microsoft Power Automate.  We can automate notifications as tasks and stages complete, send reminders, centralize the tracking of everything as well as add approval processes where needed.  Finally, you can even integrate with Adobe Sign for contracting and document signature purposes.  The possibilities are endless.

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