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Pharma SharePoint Landing Page using Modern UI

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Why We like This Pharma SharePoint Landing Page Example

Pharmaceutical research companies are all about research.  When a product is ready to launch, it is a big deal!  Seeing when a product will be going to market is a proud moment throughout the entire company.  Many, many people have spent countless hours to make it happen.  That product is typically distributed globally to help everyone.

SharePoint can bring this excitement to life in a matter of days.  Adding features like countdowns, global news, geographic information, and brand recognition are what pharmaceutical SharePoint landing pages are meant for.  Content can be tailored to specific groups of users or displayed universally.  Since SharePoint Online is part of Office 365, it is accessible from anywhere in the world.  This allows a global workforce to be proud of what they have accomplished.


Benefits of a SharePoint Online Landing Page

If you’ve ever built a landing page in almost any other content management platform, including classic SharePoint editions, you know it can be challenge.  It used to take weeks or months to get something looking good.

SharePoint Online allows you to create rich, visually appealing content in a fraction of the time.  The features in Office 365 especially are continuously growing as well.  Additionally, SharePoint integrates with Power Apps, Teams, OneDrive and much more.  This allows your users to move seamlessly between all Microsoft platforms which increases productivity.

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