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Oil Royalty Reporting

Company Overview

This company provides consulting services to landowners and landowner groups in order to manage their complex oil and gas interests by helping them maximize returns and minimize risks.

Their Needs

Company had a tremendous amount of data from various sources and in various formats needing to consolidate per each of their clientele.  They required an automated way to perform this integral reporting process in order to reduce the overall man hours per week.

What We Did: Custom Excel Access Dashboard Tool

Microsoft Excel was used as the front-end for the application to deliver numerous custom dashboards to allow clients to understand their numbers quickly. This tool saved roughly 200 hours per month and provided a very polished client facing document that was clear and concise.  The Access database provided a properly structured mechanism to import data and allow it to be queried quickly, rather than a flat Excel file to simply loop a single data set. A cloud based db is a next step this company may take in allowing the application to be used remotely with a simple internet connection and permission set.