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Manufacturing Bill of Materials

Company Overview

Over 80 years ago this company started with a concept, to fulfill a market gap. The vision was to become full-service supplier, from concept to finished product. During its first influential years, Maysteel effectively established its reputation as a full-service supplier of quality sheet metal products and now offers regional manufacturing centers, the latest in fabrication technology, first-class design engineering and a gold-standard team of more than 500 employees.

“You’ve got to have total buy-in from the top all the way down. It’s a companywide commitment, but it’s well worth the investment.”


Their Needs:

Due to complex process that include many different materials, labor, parts, pricing and scheduling, manufacturers tend to need assistance in creating streamlined proccesess to operate in efficient manners. The company felt they needed a better of dealing with their overall process and tasked ESW with developing a solution that involved consolidating job related information from costing to pricing into one central repository as well as single point of functionality.

The Solution:

ESW developed an Excel front-end with a SQL Azure back-end that takes the end user through their BOM to purchase summary and customer quotation process organizing all pieces into a manageable and reportable system allowing their sales engineer to easily use on a day-to-day basis. Active-x controls coupled with dynamic functionality allows the Excel workbook to be very flexible and create custom setups as needed. No additional code is necessary.

Key Client Benefits:

Company has replaced their painstaking manual process related to their core business with a seamless Microsoft based application that has extremely low monthly fees (~$20 USD) and is very user-friendly. Their business will be able to grow now that a scalable, upgradeable and centralized system is in place.