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Hydroelectric Power Plant

Company Overview

Energy company operate 29 hydroelectric plants with a total installed capacity of 159.65 MW. Three of these plants are located in Canada – one Brompton, Québec, and two in Newfoundland and Labrador, where Deer Lake Power.

The Challenge:

Company operates a hydroelectric power plant in Canada.   Data from meter readings from that plant, dating back to 1925, existed as electronic records in text files.

The company desired to transfer all historical meter reading data to a database system using best practices in database structure and design.  Since data within the existing text files is not suitable for direct migration to a modern database, it needed to first be extracted, cleansed and re-formatted.

In addition to migrating the data to a database, the company desires an application with user interfaces for data entry and reporting.   Data entry is to be conducted by the operators, who will transfer meter readings from the forms, on which they are initially hand written, to the user interface.

The Solution:

We extracted approximately 2.5 million electrical meter and peak readings from 1925 to the present; 1.9 million hydrology readings from 1926 to the present; and several hundred additional miscellaneous data points.  This data was cleansed, prepared and placed in data tables within an Access database.

We then developed an Excel frontend application with a data connection to the SQL/Access backend.  This frontend application contains several reports for viewing the data in various ways that are of interest to management.

Key Client Benefit:

With the historical data in a database, the client can now use it for a variety of analytical purposes as well as day-to-day entry completely streamlining their archaic process.