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Mobility and Financial Tracker

Company Overview

Company has provided consultation of over 20,000 projects in over 42 States including the design of over 3,000 microwave projects. Unique offering is a systematic approach to develop comprehensive engineering solutions for our clients.

The Challenge:

Company was currently using spreadsheets to track all different parts of their process which was very custom.  As a result, they had information that wasn’t matching up and getting lost through a single user platform.  They needed a method to create a centralized repository that would still allow them the ability to bulk update numbers, projects and records as well as have multiple users enter and retrieve data simultaneously.  In addition, an Excel dashboard needed to be ‘plugged’ into the database in order for them to retain the same report used previously.

The Solution:

ESW created custom Access database that provided a streamlined and lock-down method for users to add, edit, update and report on current project status as well as save hours upon hours with accurate record keeping and a properly cataloged repository.

Key Client Benefits:

The automation features that ESW implemented streamlined the overall process and allows for multiple users to use the same data at the same time.  The new process eliminates most possibilities for human error and provides the ability for future add-ons to be built without jeopardizing the data that currently resides in the system.