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The Top 10 Microsoft Office 365 Login URL Links for Users

Getting around Office 365 does not need to be complicated.  There are a lot of amazing services and you may want to save a few of them for quick access.  Our Office 365 consulting team routinely gets asked how to best navigate to the many platforms and services.  Use our quick reference guide to bookmark Office 365 Login URL Links for quick and easy access.


Microsoft Office 365 Login

The Microsoft Office 365 Login URL is the main URL to get to all of your Office 365 platforms and products.  It is also worth noting that Office 365 is now known as Microsoft 365, per Microsoft.  You can also access administration areas if you have the right permissions.

Click here to login to Office 365 or Microsoft 365:

Microsoft Office 365 Login Screen also known as Microsoft 365 Login Screen

The typical steps to login to Office 365 or Microsoft 365 are:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username and click Next.
  3. Enter your password and click Sign in.

There can be some changes to the above instructions if you are using advanced security features offered by Microsoft or by your company.  This can include OKTA or multi-factor authentication provided by Microsoft.  Multi-factor authentication has a different o365 login experience.  After you enter your username and password, you will be prompted for a second form of verification.  This can be:

  • A phone call to a registered device.
  • A test message code to a registered device.
  • A verification check using the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Contact your IT administrators if you are having trouble using any additional security protocols related to an o365 login.  This can include registering your phone number, getting setup with the authenticator app or resetting your password.

Microsoft SharePoint Login

Microsoft SharePoint Online is what most people think of when they refer to Office 365.  It is the first large platform in Office 365.  Office 365 has evolved to include Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Power Apps and so much more.  There are typically 2 primary SharePoint login URLs depending on what you are looking for

will take you to a dashboard which will present you with sites and content you have interacted with or favorited.

is typically the main landing page for a company but check with our IT department as sometimes it can change to something else.

SharePoint is one of two Office 365 login links where you need to know your “company name” as part of the URL to navigate there directly.


Microsoft Power Apps Login

Microsoft Power Apps is a platform for building low code applications for your company.  You can find a list of applications you have access to as well as start building your own by logging in directly to the platform.

The Microsoft Power Apps Login is


Microsoft Power Automate Login

Microsoft Power Automate is a platform for automation business and technical tasks.  There is a massive, and growing, list of what can be automated here.  Everything from emails, to tasks, approvals and more can be automated based on your specific business rules.  You can see a list of your Flows (now rebranded as Power Automate) as well as your action items by logging in.  You can also create your own Power Automate flows.

The Microsoft Power Automate Login is


Microsoft Outlook Login

Microsoft Outlook is the primary email application of Office 365.  It is web base which means you can open it from anywhere with an internet connection.  It also has apps that you can download and install on mobile devices as well as its own dedicated application for desktop devices.

The Microsoft Outlook Login is


Microsoft Teams Login

Microsoft Teams has rapidly evolved into the primary collaboration tool in Office 365.  It allows you to interact with people inside or outside of your company.  Many people know about Microsoft Teams for personal meetings too.  It is rivaling Zoom as well as Slack for a multitude of services.

The Microsoft Teams Login is


Microsoft OneDrive Login

Microsoft OneDrive is your own personal file storage in Office 365.  You can use OneDrive to sync to other file locations too within SharePoint Online.  This allows you to have access to your most important public and personal files in a single location.

OneDrive has the quirkiest URL in Office 365.  OneDrive is technically built on top of SharePoint.  SharePoint Online, listed above, was the first major platform in Office 365 which is why the SharePoint Login URL is a little different than the rest.  OneDrive is no different since it is really part of SharePoint.

The Microsoft OneDrive Login is and don’t forget to replace “Your Company” with the actual company URL chosen for Office 365.


Microsoft OneNote Login

Microsoft OneNote is a revolutionary electronic app for taking notes.  No two people use Microsoft OneNote the same.  It is a very versatile app in how you can organize your own personal information.  However, it can become messy fast without some planning.  You can also blur the lines of what belongs in OneNote versus other Office 365 apps due to how robust it can be.  It can really take your work productivity to another level if used properly.

The Microsoft OneNote Login is


Microsoft Yammer Login

Microsoft Yammer is a a casual chat interface for companies.  It is essentially Facebook, but controlled by your company.  Your company may prefer this mode of communication over Teams channels or commenting within SharePoint.  It is worth checking out if you haven’t seen it in action.  It can even present files and other company related activities.  Before you open up Yammer to the company, we recommend you have an IT roadmap of why it is being used over other Microsoft platforms.

The Microsoft Yammer Login is


Microsoft Planner and Tasks Login

Microsoft Planner has been rebranded as Tasks.  They used to be two separate entities, but Microsoft is doing a good job consolidating the different tasks management apps within Office 365.  Tasks and Planner are different tasks lists for different functions or areas within the company.  You can see your all your tasks across all task lists here.

The Microsoft Yammer Login is


Other Office 365 Login Links

There are plenty of other platforms and services within Office 365 including Delve, Stream, Power BI and so on.  These platforms are less common to quickly bookmark.  However, Microsoft has a convenient app launcher built into Office 365.  If you log into Office 365 using any of the above links, click the 9-dot checker in the top-left corner of Office 365.  You will see a menu of all the applications you have access to.

Also check out our Top 10 Office 365 Admin Portal URLs if you are an Office 365 Admin.



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