Migrating Excel to Access

Migrating Excel to Access

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Converting Excel to Access

Are you overwhelmed and scared about losing data or not being able to perform your work? Has Excel exceeded the limits of what you think it was built for? This may be an optimal time to add an Access database to your workflow. You can even keep your Excel front-end while storing much of the data in the backend to create massive efficiency.

Access has been the go-to lightweight database for ages

Access can quickly be delivered in the form of a relationship database and be worked with without having knowledge of advanced coding procedures. It works perfectly with all MS products including Excel and can allow you an uninterrupted process while gaining massive efficiency and speed.

Our Experts will walk you through the process

Let our experts put you at ease during this conversion. You will be amazed with the speed at which you can operate at leveraging an MS access database for your work. Lightning fast work, accurate reports and data manipulation and multiple users allow enormous potential for future growth with the Access solution.

Do you want to keep Part of your current Excel Solution?

That is more than OK. In some cases, you may say I need to be able to work in a raw Excel format with the data and an Access database table won’t suffice. We build many Excel/Access hybrid solutions so users can still analyze data and work with it in a way that is comfortable. The solution is structured so the data is not stored in the Excel spreadsheet, but remains in the Access database which allows Excel to pull it forward for use.

On Demand Support

Now you have the solution but what do you do if there is a problem? Our US Access team is always available to help you in case of an emergency, simply to fix a problem or provide a future phase of development.

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