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Excel Development Services

Excel is the most used tool in the Microsoft Office Suite and has the ability to provide the most value as well. Leveraging MS Excel’s calculation engine, design aesthetics and powerful formula driven cells, the opportunity to create endless amounts of custom tools exists.  At ESW, we have built our reputation by pushing Excel’s boundaries and providing high octane, concise applications based in Excel.  We even have an entire web site dedicated to our Excel Consulting work.

Because Excel is built by Microsoft, it integrates with all that is Microsoft as well as other database platforms and 3rd party applications.  It truly is one of the most powerful, user friendly, developer friendly applications available at this moment.

Robust VBA Applications

Flat boring Excel files hide enormous potential to automate and drive extreme business efficiency.  Sometimes, when users are in the data so much they are unable to see their process at a higher level.  That is where we come in.

Our Excel team will:

  1. Drive requirement discussions
  2. Architect your process
  3. Develop mock-ups
  4. Build scalable Excel VBA application
  5. Within weeks and sometimes days

Let our experienced teams guide you through the process of creating a successful application that your business will benefit from for years to come.

  • Advanced VBA Programming
  • Excel Macro Development
  • Integrated Charts & Graphs
  • Excel Templates & Functions
  • Data mining & Pivot Reporting
  • Pivot Tables & Vlookups
  • Spreadsheet Formatting
  • Database integration: MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle
  • Excel Functions
  • MS Excel User Interface
  • Visual Basic, VBA
  • Data Cleansing
  • External System Integration
  • Excel/Access/Cloud applications
  • Supplemental Analysis
  • SQL Server® Reports

Reporting & Dashboards

Understanding and visualizing your data can be the most important part of automating and streamlining operations.  This type of information plays a key part in decision making for optimal outcomes.

Financial Modeling

We go well beyond the standard financial statement to provide sensitivity and scenario analysis, key ratios, graphs, break-even analysis, business valuations, and distribution waterfalls as needed. And while our focus is typically on developing dynamic models our clients can continue to use, we can also work as needed on a going forward basis.

Professional Consulting

Understanding where to start can sometimes be the hardest part.  Some of our clients just use our services as needed or with a discovery block in order to gain further insight into what their needs are.  Whatever the case may be, the team at ESW is standing by waiting to discuss your Excel needs.

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