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eSoftware Associates: Microsoft Development Best Practices

Designs Built to Last

Like homes built on solid rocks, at eSoftware Associates, applications are built with solid technical designs, incorporating best practices, so they can be counted on to hold up in our users’ environments.  Where some applications may freeze, crash or take forever to perform simple tasks, ours are designed to handle the workload with performance in mind.  No more waiting around!

We Ask Good Questions

At eSoftware, we have found that taking time to develop a solid design ensures that the subsequent steps of development will produce a better outcome for our clients.  That means that we ask a lot of good questions so we understand all aspects of the data, hardware, interacting systems, processes and outputs needed.

We Listen to You

When you contact eSoftware, you won’t get a sales pitch describing our products.  Instead, you’ll spend time telling us about your current system and your vision for the future.   We let you do the talking so we can understand the problem you want us to address.   That helps us develop a solution that solves your problem, not one that solves someone else’s problem.

Our Custom Solutions Add Value

We have no standard form or approach because every client is different.   The insights we gain through our questioning and listening help us identify opportunities to add value in ways that our clients hadn’t even considered when they first contacted us.   Not only do we address all immediate needs, but we prepare our clients for the future by recommending platforms and configurations that will grow as their organizations grow.

We “Get It”

Only after the overall process design is complete and the appropriate development platforms have been selected, do we begin coding.  By that point, our developers and MS engineering team thoroughly understand our clients’ needs and are ready to develop the work flow, logic and user interfaces in an efficient manner.   Periodic client review meetings throughout the course of development ensure that we are on the right track and allow us to respond to client feedback.

We Speak Your Language

We speak your language in more ways than one.  We have worked on projects in almost every functional area in virtually every industry.  Whether you start talking to us about KPIs, CTRs, kWh, or PSM, someone on our team is familiar with your terminology, acronyms and business needs.

Looks Matter!

When it comes to the user interface, looks matter!  Our user interfaces have varied from clean and simple to quite elaborate, depending on the client.  Whether we receive a single logo or 250 pages of branding specifications from the marketing department, we can meet our clients’ needs to project their image throughout the user interface.

Your Efficiency is Important to Us

Regardless of our clients’ preferences regarding aesthetics, we ensure that the navigation, buttons, workflow, report generators and dashboards incorporated in the user interface maximize user efficiency.   After all, that’s the whole point of the application!  We want the application to automate time drainers like the following:

  • Copying and pasting data
  • Importing and Exporting data
  • Re-configuring worksheets when rows or columns are added
  • Generating PDFs
  • Generating Charts, Pivot Tables and Dashboards
  • Integrating data to/from other systems
  • Data cleansing
  • And much more!


Contact Us For A Free Consultation

Let us help you design and develop a Rock-Solid custom solution.  Contact our team to schedule a free consultation by calling 1-800-682-0882 or submit via our Contact Form (the most efficient method) online. After all, those latest and greatest cat videos are waiting.