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How to schedule a task with power automate?
Posted by Microsoft Expert | 11 August 2021 | Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Power Automate
How To Schedule A Task With Power Automate

We don't often realize how much time we invest in performing the recurring day-to-day tasks. Such duties may include anything from sending out emails to replying to common queries to reaching out to potential prospects, and the list can go on and on. Microsoft Power Automate is a simple solution that can help businesses schedule...

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SharePoint Solutions for Your Business

There is beauty and force in unity. The more united you work, the more you step towards success. Success starts in coming and being together for the greater good. Good teamwork multiplies productivity and efficiency at work. A successful organization is always the result of a great collaboration. Teamwork connects people and takes contributions from...

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Microsoft Power Apps | New Features 2021

Businesses that look only to the past or present are sure to miss the future. Taking advantage of new technologies will help companies scale up and perform better in an integrated and inclusive manner, giving people better control over their tasks. In addition, businesses are constantly looking forward to a better tool to collaborate, communicate,...

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Power Apps Enable Your Business to Innovate

Information Technology changed the way businesses were done, and now enterprises are changing IT as greater attention to growth, market needs, customers, quality improvement. IT is ever rising to the challenge of making businesses more convenient and comfortable. Doing businesses in real-time at your terms is the need of the hour and made possible by...

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Posted by Microsoft Expert | 10 May 2021 | Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SharePoint Online
Expert Tips For Microsoft SharePoint Beginners

When looking for answers on the web for what a SharePoint is, you will find many different answers. However, the most definitive answer would be that Microsoft SharePoint is a Microsoft Informational portal system configured to run on sites and platforms. This platform helps you and your team to work remotely and smartly. People confuse...

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View SharePoint Employee Skill Search
Getting Employee Skills Search Right in Office 365, SharePoint & Teams 

Employee skill search remains top requirement of intranets and digital workplaces for organizations both large and small. This is backed up by the comprehensive Nielsen Norman Group’s Intranet Design Annual report – where the top goal of unifying the organization is driven by “rich employee-profiles” and “the ability to search for and find colleagues with expertise in different areas”.  Furthermore, the significant...

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Guide for Microsoft SharePoint Login
Posted by Microsoft Expert | 06 January 2021 | Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SharePoint Online
Microsoft SharePoint Login For Every Type of Setup

We do a lot of SharePoint support for companies of all sizes.  It is no surprise that we often get asked for the Microsoft SharePoint login steps.  The interesting thing is the answer depends on what edition of SharePoint you are using.  The instructions to login to SharePoint Online are different than the steps to...

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Guide for Creating Microsoft Power Apps Using the Dataverse
Posted by Microsoft Expert | 04 January 2021 | Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Power Apps
Creating Microsoft Power Apps using the Dataverse

Dataverse is the new name for the Common Data Service.  It is a cloud-based, open-source, storage platforms that allow you to obtain a full technical hold over the organizational data hosted on these platforms.  Working as a reliable data service, the Dataverse systems allow the working authorities to use some entities and standard tools, features,...

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Learn About Microsoft Teams vs Zoom Comparison of Features
Posted by Microsoft Expert | 31 December 2020 | Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams vs Zoom Comparison of Features

2020 has been quite the year for both Microsoft Teams and Zoom.  Both have seen skyrocketing usage.  There are plenty of other video teleconferencing apps out there too; Webex, GoTo Meeting and BlueJeans to name a few.  So why have Microsoft Teams and Zoom been in the news so much as the video conferencing apps? ...

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Learn How to Move a Microsoft Teams Channel
Posted by Microsoft Expert | 28 December 2020 | Microsoft Teams
How To Move a Microsoft Teams Channel

Microsoft Teams is one of the hottest Teams collaboration platforms in the world.  It is great for hosting meetings and allows file collaboration, conversations, and deep integrations with your existing Microsoft products.  No other platform integrates with Microsoft apps better than Microsoft Teams.  One of the biggest benefits, and biggest downfalls, is how easy it...

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