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Transcribe in Microsoft Word
Posted by The eSoftware Team | 16 September 2020 | Microsoft Office
How To Transcribe In Microsoft Word

Learn How to use Transcribe function in Microsoft Word, regardless of what you need transcribing for. Microsoft 365 gives you the ability to do it very easily. With built-in Transcribe in Word for the web, you can record your conversations and have them automatically transcribed. From there, you will be able to showcase the transcript...

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Posted by The eSoftware Team | 12 August 2020 | Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Power Apps 101: Everything You Need to Know

Microsoft PowerApps is a developmental platform anyone can use to put together mobile and web applications. The following Microsoft Power Apps 101 guide will shed light on some of the biggest essentials that anyone making their first steps with the platform should know. Microsoft Power Platform and Power Apps: A Quick Overview PowerApps is a...

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Top 10 Office 365 Admin Portal URLs
Top 10 Microsoft Office 365 Admin Portal URLs

Office 365 is a large, diverse environment that is comprised of many platforms, services and products.  This includes SharePoint Online, Teams, Azure, Exchange and many more.  It can be overwhelming to know how to manage and administer all of them properly especially if you are first starting out.  Furthermore, you may have requirements for auditing,...

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Posted by The eSoftware Team | 12 July 2020 | Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams
Get Together With Teams (and more!)

Even though we just recently had an update post centering on Teams, Microsoft has been working around the clock to make it the Meeting app. A new batch of great features was just announced, including larger meeting rooms, video filters, dynamic view, audience reactions, and more! Together Mode Together Mode is a new experience in...

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New Updates to Office 365

We’re halfway around the year, which means it’s time for new updates to Office 365. Today’s post comes with new features on Microsoft Teams, Fluid Framework, along with the new feature we’ve already covered, Lists. Microsoft Teams New Updates Teams is possibly one of Microsoft’s most popular apps right now. It should come as no...

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Posted by The eSoftware Team | 25 June 2020 | Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office
Excel Consulting Services and Finance Client Success

Like many organizations during the pandemic, eSoftware Associates (ESW) has taken time to reflect on past successes and plan. This meant looking back into projects that have been even more successful than even the clients biggest hopes and dreams. Not surprising within Microsoft Excel based projects, we found a great need and success with finance...

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Posted by The eSoftware Team | 08 June 2020 | Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams
Say Hello to Microsoft Lists

One of the latest features to be announced in the 2020 Build for Microsoft 365 was a new application called Microsoft Lists. It’s a smart information tracking app that works across the 365 family and helps you stay on top of the things that are most important to your team. Since it’s part of Microsoft...

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using power automate with zapier
Integrating Power Automate with Zapier

Power Automate and Zapier are both automation platforms.  They can integrate 2 or more applications to drive business automation.  The most common integration is any application and sending an email as a notification.  But what if you have two applications and one is available in Power Automate and the other is available in Zapier?  That’s...

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E-Learning with Microsoft Teams

For those teaching online courses, it’s hard to find a platform that will support all your needs. Let's look at Microsoft Teams and how it can help you wrangle those classrooms from a distance! Creating Classrooms in Microsoft Teams For the Educational license, Teams comes with four different options: Class (for classrooms) Professional Learning Community...

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Posted by The eSoftware Team | 27 April 2020 | Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SQL
Top SQL Tools for 2020: Part Four

Databases are everywhere nowadays, and with good reason. As such, there are a lot of tools you can use to work with them. This is the final installment of our four series Top SQL Tools for 2020 blog. FlySpeed SQL Query FlySpeed’s SQL Query is yet another universal database tool at your disposal, and while...

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