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5 Ways Microsoft Azure Can Help Your Business

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Microsoft Azure is an environment for developers and other professionals use to create and manage applications. Azure is what’s known as a hybrid system—available in the cloud and on-premises. Companies use Azure for everything from mobile application development to digital marketing, eCommerce, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and more. Although the benefits are too many to list here, we’ve put together a list of 5 ways Microsoft Azure can help your business do more.


Manage Your Data

Companies have been using Microsoft Azure to improve management and securing information. Through Microsoft Azure’s database offerings, companies can connect disparate legacy systems through SQL Databases. In addition, instead of manually connecting systems and tuning them to sync up, Microsoft Azure leverages the built-in intelligence of SQL to make life easier for your DBAs. And since many commercial off the shelf products utilize SQL or have connectors to it, your company can begin to realize efficiencies without having to migrate data.

Analyze your information

Microsoft Azure doesn’t just offer hosting services. One of the great add-on services of Microsoft Azure is data analytics. Azure’s Analysis Services provides data modeling as a fully managed platform as a service (PaaS). Here, you can not only connect data from different sources but understand it as well. Using Microsoft’s Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities, along with the security from Azure Active Directory, users can quickly set up a server, connect to databases, and start building their data models.

Manage your Internet Presence

Finding reliable hosting for your company’s internet can be tricky. As a result, a slow internet webpage can be the difference between growing your business and losing out. With Microsoft Azure, you can not only manage your internal operations, but you’ll also have access to a highly reliable content delivery network provider. Therefore, you’ll also be able to design, deploy, and manage custom applications in Microsoft Azure to further help your company reach more clients.

Automate Learning

Machine learning is no longer science fiction. With Microsoft Azure, you have access to a wide variety of artificial intelligence services, including identifying faces, text, and search. For companies that need to quickly digest thousands of images, becoming more efficient can mean exponential growth. Those looking to invest in bot services can also find help in Microsoft Azure.

Secure and Protect

Many businesses switch to Microsoft Azure to take advantage of the single sign-on capabilities within Microsoft. In addition, Azure allows those companies to add additional security measures. Some security measures include: multi-factor authentication, managing keys and other credentials, and maintaining oversight over threats to network and data. Microsoft Azure has a platform that is a great tool for businesses who are looking to get into the world of cloud computing and more.

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