How SQL Can Help Your Business

How SQL Can Help Your Business

Posted by The eSoftware Team | August 24, 2017 | Blog
SQL Server

Many businesses today are stuck in information overload—and for good reason. Microsoft SQL Server is usually not on most businesses radar. More data has been created in the last two years than the previous five thousand years of humanity. Think about the number of emails, messages, phone calls, texts, Facebook posts, tweets, Instagram images that you see on a daily basis—then multiply that by the number of employees that you have. With a system in place, it’s difficult to keep track of all the information, and even harder to know how to act on that data. With a relational database system like Microsoft SQL server or Oracle, you can not only see your data, but understand and make informed business decisions about it. And partnering with a SQL server development firm like eSoftware can help you in using SQL for your business needs.

SQL stands for “structured query language,” and it’s the standard for communicating with relational database management systems. In layman’s terms, it’s the method for locating data within a system. For larger businesses with thousands of records, having a system to query and retrieve data means they can use that business to do daily work and to capitalize on trends, customer information, and more.

To better understand how it benefits your company, here’s an example. Imagine you owned a company that manufactured widgets. Every widget made received a serial number and information about the item, everything from the supplier of the metal to the location it was shipped. Every time a customer called with an issue with a widget, those complaints were marked with the same serial number. Now imagine you had the power to watch trends on which widgets failed at what time so you could anticipate when a customer would need a replacement. Even more, you could see trends in suppliers—if Metalworks Company A had a 20% failure rate whereas Company B had only a 5% failure rate. All of that corporate knowledge is usable through SQL.

While many of us can find our way around a website an email, the construction of a SQL database is out of our wheelhouse. That’s where partnering with a SQL consulting firm like eSoftware can help you achieve your business goals. eSoftware will help you understand first what your data needs are, and then will help build a solution to achieve your goals, followed by a training program to help your employees use the system.

We’d love to see how we can help your business become more productive and efficient. 



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