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Five Ways Power BI Helps Your Business Succeed

Microsoft Power BI (business intelligence) is a set of analytics tools that help users track metrics, visualize data, and more. Powered by integrations with some of the most commonly used tools like SQL and others, the interface allows users to create dashboards that help them make business decisions. Below, we’ve listed a few reasons why Microsoft Power BI helps your business succeed.

  1. Data Integration

We have Quickbooks and Twitter, Google Analytics and our SharePoint sites. Our data lives in multiple locations, and in order to get a clear picture of our business health, we need to integrate all of it. That’s where Microsoft Power BI comes into play. When we can see how our audience is growing on social media, and track that with increased visits to our website and sales, we begin to understand where to invest marketing dollars, and where we need to pull back. Whether the data is within home-grown servers or tracking from Facebook, Microsoft Power BI connects it all, giving you a one-stop shop.

  1. Easy Report Building

Power BI’s drag-and-drop report building means anyone can slice and dice data with a few clicks. The service allows for natural language and sharing of reporting features through content packs. Users can see analytics in real-time, getting the information that you need now. And it’s not just on desktops either—Power BI’s mobile app is a powerful addition to the desktop and web-based programs.

  1. Available Anywhere

In this world of mobile computing, businesses need to see their information wherever and whenever. Power BI’s mobile app is easily configurable with vibrant graphics that are as useful as they are pretty. Understand where your KPIs are standing while in line at the coffee shop, or track your invoicing process before take-off.

  1. Past, Current, and Future, All Together At Once

While it’s impossible to predict the future, data modeling comes close. With Power BI, you can run scenarios of your as-is and to-be states to see how your business will fare. If you build an additional plant, how will that impact your suppliers? If you hire another worker, how will that improve productivity? Power BI helps you see the current world—and plan for the one that’s coming.

  1. Improve Your Customer Experience

How long has it been since you replied to that customer? How long does it take for a help desk ticket to work through the lifecycle? Managing customer experience is one of the top needs for businesses. From integration with Outlook and social media to tracking workflows completions, 09maybe even prevent a few from happening in the first place.