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Five Reasons Companies Choose eSoftware for SharePoint Consulting

Microsoft SharePoint is a widely used collaborative and information sharing program that can increase efficiency across organizations of different sizes. But many companies find themselves lost among the features and functionality, or find that SharePoint doesn’t do exactly what they need out of the box. When this happens, they usually reach out to a SharePoint consulting company like eSoftware.

There are many reasons our clients look for a sharepoint consulting firm to solve their SharePoint conundrums. Some just need a specific application or template developed, others are looking for an all-in-one solution that marries existing processes or systems to a new environment. Whatever the reason, here are a few things that set eSoftware apart from our competition.

1. US-based Team Depth and Skill Diversity

eSoftware doesn’t just provide technical developers and confusing jargon. Each client is assigned a technically savvy account manager who can both provide recommendations and translate business problems into solutions—and vice versa. While the developers work the details, your account manager will focus on big picture items, such as business automation and other areas to make the most out of your software.

2. Prepared for the Now, Focused on the Future

Our team of developers and project managers are up to date on all of Microsoft’s latest and greatest features and functionalities. We’ll provide you a set of recommendations that take into account your budget and requirements, looking for the easiest solution that gets you the most of what you’re looking for. We also get early previews of upcoming releases and new products. We’ll be able to show you where existing technologies plug into your environment, and how future improvements can work even better for your business.

3. Holistic Strategy with Phased Approaches

Our team works in stages, starting with a customized roadmap built to your requirements. We’ll show you the as-is, where we think technology can improve it, and how we’ll get there together. Our process moves in phases that make logical sense, starting with the foundation that builds up to the full effort.

4. Quick Responses, Quicker Solutions

With account managers watching time and tasks, eSoftware will make sure your issues are resolved in a timely and efficient manner. Whether it’s a quick question or a large error on your site, we’ll respond promptly and find you a resolution as soon as we can.

5. Solutions and Support for the Long Term

Every eSoftware engagement can be extended to a long-term support contract. Leave the questions and technical issues to us, long after the solution has been deployed. And when the next iteration or technical solution arises, we’ll be there to help take you even further.

No matter the reason why you’re coming to eSoftware, we’re glad you’re here and look forward to helping you solve your business and technology problems soon.

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