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2 SharePoint Implementation Practices Needed to Become a Paperless Office

Go Paperless with SharePoint Implementation Practices While most businesses are quite comfortable with conducting internal operations with paper, many are realizing the costs savings of going paperless. It’s entirely possible to run a business operation without using any paper at all. Today’s technology supplies all of the software applications that make it possible to manage a global operation directly from your laptop or mobile device. This is possible with a SharePoint software application that is customized to meet your businesses’ specific needs.

Becoming a paperless company requires a strong team of experienced programmers who can implement the best software management solution to make your business operations more efficient. When it comes to implementing a customized SharePoint application, eSoftware Associates Inc., a New York software development company, are technical experts in building your cloud-based management system.

How the Cloud Can Help Your Company Become Paperless

While every SharePoint platform is designed differently, the use of the cloud remains consistent. All of your important documents, media, and plugins are connected to the cloud, reducing your need to download, print, and file documents. This also reduces the efforts of sending oversized documents via email. With access to the cloud, you’ll have an unlimited amount of storage space, eliminating the need for a local server. Furthermore, you’ll be able to access your management system from anywhere.

How the SharePoint Can Help Your Company Become Paperless

Another great benefit about going paperless with SharePoint is the cost savings. The amount of paper consumption in the United States alone is staggering. According to The Paperless Project, schools and offices reportedly comprise the largest consumption of paper—even with today’s technological advances that are designed to help businesses go paperless! The project further reports that companies in the United States spend approximately $120 billion on printed forms that can quickly get outdated.

The time it takes for the average employee to search for information, whether it’s in an email or filing cabinet, takes up to 30% of his or her time. When it comes to managing physical documents, oftentimes another employee needs to oversee the entire task—much like a librarian. With a paperless software management system, you’ll not only eliminate the cost and time spent on paper, you might possibly save your company the expense of an entire salary.

How eSoftware Associates Can Help

At eSoftware Associates, we know what it takes to provide you with a paperless business operation. Implementing a customized SharePoint platform is key. Knowing what to place in the platform takes a logical skillset that’s targeted toward streamlining your operations. Here’s a short list of SharePoint implementation practices to achieve a successful migration.

  1. Consultation & Analysis – In order for us to implement an efficient software system that allows you to go paperless, we first need to understand what processes you currently use and why. Our programming team will conduct a deep-dive research of your company’s internal operations to find improvement opportunities.
  2. Optimization & Customization – After the consultation and analysis stage, we then begin the process of streamlining your processes. This is done through optimizing the tasks within the process and redeveloping them to become more efficient—sometimes eliminating them altogether if necessary. Here are the steps taken to do this:
  • Make it Mobile

Transition offline work (i.e. paper processes) to an online application that is mobile-friendly, easily viewable, and manageable for every kind of mobile device.

  • Records Management

The next big step is to organize and develop an efficient document management system that makes sense for your entire operation. This not only includes internal operations, but also B2B and B2C if applicable.

  • Test and Test Again!

Before we even think about implementing your new SharePoint management system, our team undergoes a thorough testing process to look for any possible bugs or glitches. We even offer a Bug-Free Guarantee to our clients ensuring that the migration process will be a seamless transition that will not disrupt your current operations.

There is a lot of information to take in when it comes to understanding the development of a SharePoint management system, even when it’s your own business! If you want to learn more, call us today at 800-682-0882 to speak with an eSoftware Associate consultant for more detailed information. You can also contact us online to schedule an appointment!