Your SharePoint Design Team

Your SharePoint Design Team

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Ever wonder…


Why people want SharePoint to not look like SharePoint?

If you’ve worked with SharePoint, you may the know reason.

Microsoft keeps updating their user interface even after 10+ years?

Shouldn’t it be extremely pretty by now?

Why your SharePoint looks bad compared to what you see elsewhere?

How much effort does it really take to have something look good?

How do I get more people to use SharePoint better?

More buttons?  More text?  More images?  Where and why?

What are the best practices with SharePoint design these days?

I know there is some HTML and CSS somewhere…

Why are the SharePoint templates not that useful?

You’d think a team site would be a bit more social by now?

Isn’t SharePoint design similar to WordPress design?

Hint: it’s not even close…

Shouldn’t there be a set a reusable widgets that are actually useful?

And shouldn’t they be easy to manage?

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The Problem

SharePoint is one of the most functional content management platforms ever created.  Unfortunately, it is also boring and generically designed.

Who wants to stare at the screen to the right on every single site?

On top of that, SharePoint design isn’t technically hard… it’s extremely technically hard. Requesting an image moved to a specific spot in SharePoint and make it scale for a laptop, tablet and phone can be time consuming.

So how do you get SharePoint to look good and be easy to use?

Our Plan

Tailored to You. First and foremost, SharePoint should feel like it belongs with your company. Nothing says “outside system” like software and platforms that don’t look like they belong.

We always take elements of your company and incorporate them into the design. This extends well beyond colors. We look at the culture of your company, what industry your are in and even how work is done and factor all of that into our designs.


Rich, Easy to Use Features

We’ve worked with all of the SharePoint features over time and know what works and what’s lacking. By incorporating our design elements as well as some of our custom features into your environment, you users will be able to use SharePoint to its fullest potential.


Designed for the Future

These days, many companies have remote employees or are thinking about the option. And all companies have one thing in common; they want to engage with their customers.

Our SharePoint Analysts and Designers work meticulously with you on determining what your employee and client needs are. Design is only half of the equation. Functionality, and more importantly security, are at the top of our lists when we start talking to you about what your ideal SharePoint environment will look like.

We take all of this information and give you stunning design results not only for in the office, but from anywhere with an internet connection!