SharePoint Dashboards & Metrics

SharePoint Dashboards & Metrics

SharePoint Dashboards and Data Visualizations

Get Stunning Visuals & Analytics in SharePoint

Data, it surrounds us everyday and never stops. It’s the achilles heal of decision making in our business. Get the results you need when implementing this powerful technology that can be designed once and viewable from anywhere.

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From working with location data, sales data, HR data, production data and so on, Microsoft SharePoint can allow various users in your organization view all different slices of data based on their permissions.  Power BI allows end users to view and interact with data in dashboards  that are securiely embedded within a SharePoint page.  The video below demonstrates a small amount of is possible with the Power BI platform from Microsoft.

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If you are interested in Power BI licensing costs, you may find more information here.

SharePoint integrates well with Power BI but also the below as well:

  • Excel
  • Access
  • SQL Server
  • And many more…

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