SharePoint Custom Design

SharePoint Custom Design

Polished, Custom Designed Intranet and Company Sites

SharePoint Custom Design

Its important to have a SharePoint design that is engaging simplistic to end users in order for them to fully embrace and use the technology to their advantage.

Requirements Gathering – Design it on Paper First

Successful SharePoint design requirements need to be gathered up front prior to commencing the development. For large site collections and environments,  this can be a time consuming process, but a VERY important one. More often than not, companies embark into the development phase premature of understanding the design scope and what they are trying to achieve.   At ESW we lock in your design before beginning the development phase.


Simple and easy-to-use

Our SharePoint intranets are delivered based on our client requirements, not based on a generic template.  Our goal is to provide an environment that users will be able to make central to their work life as well as create efficiencies that did not previously exist.

Polished Representations of Organizations

This site is a reflection of your organization to your employees. They need to be engaged and maximize their use of SharePoint and leverage in a manner that saves them time on a daily basis.  We have built out countless SharePoint environments using our methodology that just plain works.

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The lack of foresight with SharePoint projects today is a major contributor to systemic failure of applications & environments in many organizations. We provide our Free SharePoint Site Assessment to ensure the details of your business needs match up completely to your environment’s capabilities and do not exceed them. Now, let’s get started!

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