Power App Formula Examples

Power App Formula Examples

Posted by Joel Hill | February 6, 2019 | Uncategorized
Microsoft Power Apps

One thing we have realized over time is there aren’t many Power App formula examples across the internet.  This post is dedicated to starting a list of formulas we find useful regardless of your skill level.  We hope you enjoy!


General Advice

  • Power Apps creates a lot of objects when you add fields and forms. Take some time and relabel objects if they will ahve any sort of logic added to them. It will help you long term in idnentifying what everything is doing behind the scenes. Datcard4.value is not every useful for anyone.

Nested OR / AND conditionals

In business terms, the below reads “Filter the list of projects if the current user is a developer, analyst or global user (admin) for the selected project and the project has a status of Active.”

Filter(Projects, User().Email in Developer_x0028_s_x0029_.Email || User().Email in System_x0020_Analyst.Email || User().Email in Global_x0020_Users.Email, Active_x0020_Project = true)

Click here for more on filtering in Power Apps.

Conditional Show and Hide Fields

You can reuse the same conditional over and over again for any field that you need to apply the conditional. Make sure everything is labelled properly.
Show and Hide Fields in Power Apps

More coming soon!

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