Project Dashboard

SharePoint Project Dashboard

Company Overview

Megafluid is a global company providing chemical equipment around the world. They focus on liquid blend and delivery solutions that enhance their customers’ success through accountability, creativity, ingenuity, integrity, people and quality.

Their Needs


Centralized Information

Project management was previously being run with Excel spreadsheets, email and various documents scattered throughout file servers. This company wanted to not only centralize all their information, but also gain insights into how projects were being run. It was mandatory that the solution be fast by conventional intranet website design standards and also be intuitive and usable for rapid adoption.

Key Project Metrics

Megafluid needed to know exeactly how each project was doing at each key phase of the project. They also needed a way to keep track of a lot of porject information in a centralized location.

Holistic Portfolio Monitoring

Not only does each project need to keep track of key metrics and information, Megafluid needed a way to view that information across all projects in a single view.

What We Did

A portfolio and project management dashboard was built in Office 365 with custom CSS, HTML and JQuery modules. The team has the ability to select customers which filters to the projects for that specific customer. The information loads in less than 1 second and all information is contained on a single SharePoint page. With this tool, they now have insights to each of their projects and everything is centralized in a single location.

Created by ESW Team | | SharePoint

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