Franchise Management

Corporate Franchise Management Application

Company Overview

Orange Theory Fitness is a rapidly growing fitness studio company. They have studios located all over the world. They reached out to SharePoint Programmer in need of a Fitness Studio SharePoint and Excel Application.

Their Needs

Orange Theory Fitness is growing at such a fast rate that they really needed a way of keeping track of all their studio openings. In 2016 and 2017, they were projected to grow 300%+. With such fantastic grow and all the details that go with it, it was imperative that key performance indicators and statuses were tracked across the board.

Centralized Information

Information was previously being stored in Microsoft Excel. One of the biggest challenges was redundant data for various reference information not being consistent. Since information spanned multiple worksheets, the formulas became ever-increasingly complex in order to try and keep information consistent. Something needed to change.

Familiar User Interface

While Orange Theory Fitness knew their process needed to change, it became clear that their business was growing at such a fast pace that they needed the repoting interfaces to be enhanced, but not entirely changed for ease of training as well as the robust reporting capabilities inherent in Microsoft Excel.


What We Did: SharePoint and Excel Application

A lot of analysis went into cleaning up the Excel data as well as organizing it in SharePoint. The business exercise of understanding how data inter related was a great exercise for everyone. Additionally, it helped the business in determining the ultimate future of the application in where it was going. We ended up storing the information in SharePoint as well as setting up singular and bulk adding and editting methods for the studios and supporting information. The dashboards and reporting components were left in Excel, but enhanced greatly with the addition of robust slicers and filtering components.

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