Custom Landing Page

Custom Landing Page & Refreshed Intranet

Company Overview

Bazaar Voice is a company that connects 700 million shoppers monthly to brands. Their core competency is marketing for retailers. With offices all over the globe, it is often recognized as a leader amongst the industry. They have been contacted in the past by Forrester Research, Inc to elaborate on their social depth platform.

“You’ve got to have total buy-in from the top all the way down. It’s a companywide commitment, but it’s well worth the investment.”

COO, Current Builders

Their Needs

Regional Specific

With having a global workforce with different needs, Bazaar Voice requested that each region could tailor their own landing page while still adhering to an overall design standard.

Tabbed Navigation

A key request was having quick, tabbed navigation. Bazaar Voice works with a lot information and therefore wanted to use tabbed navigation to quickly get to different groupings of pre-defefined information.

What We Did: Retail SharePoint Landing Page Design

We worked with their internal human resources and IT teams to coordinate with the business representatives based on past experiences to come up with their overall landing page design and site templates. We ensured that the tabs were easily manageable by each region and could be added, moved, changed or deleted without any coding experience. The end result was a custom tailored landing page for each region while still using the overall header, footer, fonts and primary design concepts throughout the entire SharePoint environment.

Additionally, we added a SharePoint web part suite which allowed certain design aspects to be tweaked easily by power users without the use of code. Some of those web parts included:

  • Application Header
  • Hide Left Navigation
  • Library and List Styling
  • Promoted Links Styling
  • Searchbox Styling

And many more. The end users really love the tailored landing pages and overall ease of use.

Created by ESW Team | | SharePoint

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