Migrating Access to Cloud

Migrating Access to Cloud

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Convert Access to the Cloud

Do you want to be able to Access all of your data via the Web but are stuck with a local solution? Migrating your Access database to a SQL Cloud Azure instance or plugging in a .Net front end to your Access DB is a very common and value adding proposition for most businesses.

Add a .Net or Excel Front-End to a cloud database

Converting Access to a cloud database can be a quick and painless process and also provide the opportunity for upgrades to the current system. Not only does our expert Access development team move your database, they can introduce new and enhanced functionality and workflows to your process.

Lightning fast and accurate

As the end user, you will only notice how fast your database operates now. Our experts will audit your current DB structure and rewrite queries, tables and scripts as needed in order to gain efficiencies. Performance tuning the relationship database structure as well as re-writing code and queries that may not be written well to begin with. The seamless new structure will allow future scalability for data and growth as well as protect your data from being

You can even use Excel as a front-end

Some people enjoy working and leveraging Excel as a front-end even with data that is stored in a cloud SQL or Access database. Excel can provide a very flexible blotter in order to develop advanced calculations rapidly and deploy updates at the speed of a couple keystrokes. It easily integrates with external databases allowing users all over the globe access to information.

On Demand Web App Support

Our web application team is always available to support the solution as well as provide updates and fixes as needed. Use your team as you need them on-demand and never have to hire a f/t DBA again.

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