Your SharePoint Migration Team

Your SharePoint Migration Team

Worry-free Professional SharePoint Migrations Done Right

Why SharePoint Migrations Stink


It takes a small village.

You have an IT team but it likely does not consist of several SharePoint architects, analysts and designers.

Do we really have all our the content we want?

Typical questions like does 500GB in point A going to equal 500GB in point B? (likely “No”)

How do I know everything will work the same or better than before?

The answer starts by speaking with our team so we can ‘diagnose’ your environment.

Employees don’t have the time to stop for IT.

Delegate ancillary SharePoint tasks to people who love using it every single day!

What about this new design style?

“We like SharePoint, but we don’t want SharePoint to look like SharePoint. And it needs to be easy.”

Wait, the URLs are changing?

Maybe? Maybe not? Let’s get these questions answered so we don’t see any 401’s!

How do we support this after we move?

Your IT team is used to what they do now and likely do not have the bandwidth for a new platform.

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The Problem

Over time, every company learns what they need, like and want. Unfortunately, those almost always evolve as companies grow which lends itself so disparate IT content platforms such as sprawling network drives, older SharePoint instances as well as other content management platforms like Lotus.

What was good 5 years ago likely isn’t good enough today. Microsoft fortunately is always adding innovative ways for companies to do business, with SharePoint being in the forefront of content management, organization and collaboration.

But how do you get from current state to the future with as little business disruption as possible? And how do you keep valuable time and costs in line with expectations?

Our Plan

The cliché “every client is different” very much holds true when it comes to SharePoint migrations. Unlike many companies, we always start with a full assessment of each clients business and technical landscape before giving any sort level of effort commitment.

As the migration progresses, tasks are organized to be sequential as well as parallel to the least impact to your business is made while factoring your ideal budget and timelines for success.


Your Results

Typical results of a successful SharePoint Migration include: